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Message From the President 2016

This is not a message of fear, but of hope. Consider this one encouraging truth—like everything else, this too shall pass. A new day is coming. Together we can summon the courage to stand up, face the new beginnings, and embrace them. New beginnings mean new opportunities for BCA members and friends to speak up, to share our resource-conservation ethic, and to try to make a difference.

Download the PDF of Wild Badlands #40.

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Message From the President 2015

I am proud to be a member of BCA. I feel good about being a conservationist. I even admit, out loud, to being an environmentalist. I feel good about doing my part to try to make our community and state a better place for ourselves and our kids and our babies yet unborn.

But in the last few years—feeling outnumbered, outmaneuvered, and definitely outgunned—I have often hesitated to say anything about my deeply-held belief that we must preserve wilderness. I have been reluctant to speak my mind about the destruction of our wild places. Why the hesitation? I felt, well, alone.

Download the PDF of Wild Badlands #38.

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