Update: June Billings County Meeting on Proposed Meridian Refinery

Billings County Commission at their June 7 meeting again delayed a decision on Meridian Energy Group’s application for a proposed refinery near Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

A mix-up in scheduling meant the ND Department of Health did not present on Class I air quality requirements in person as expected; instead, they did an abbreviated appearance by phone.  Commissioner Arthaud asked a series of questions regarding air quality, water usage and waste, which provoked a Commission decision to invite those DoH divisions and the State Water Commission to appear in person at the next tentatively scheduled July 6th Commission meeting.

Public questions were held to a minimum, but a query as to whether a National Park Service presentation was not also appropriate at next month’s meeting was not rejected by the Commission. Chairman Arthaud recognized Superintendent of Theodore Roosevelt National Park Wendy Ross who was in the room and offered that it be her decision.

As it was also announced that Meridian would have the opportunity at the July meeting to again present and update the Commission and the public regarding their proposed refinery, a lengthy meeting with opportunity for questions and comments is expected.

Arthaud did not speculate on a schedule for a Commission decision.