Interested Party Struck

The NDIC approved new administrative oil and gas rules with some modifications on June 29th.

Notably for the public, the proposed new definition of"Interested Party" was struck, removed, dropped from consideration.  Persistent hard work and raising our voices does make a difference.  Congratulations All!

Lynn Helms and Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem repeatedly acknowledged broad public opposition to the new definition and that removing the interested party language was necessary and appropriate.

According to Department of Mineral Resources Public Information Specialist Alison Ritter, the modified and approved language will become available on the Oil and Gas Division website in the near future should you like to review it:

Note specifically clarifications in the pipeline rules and the decrease in newly required well pad berms from a height of 12 inches to a modified 6 inches.  Opportunity for further modification or elimination of the required 6 inch berm has also been made available on a case-by-case basis determined by onsite engineering.

The NDIC approved rules will go before the Legislative Administrative Rules Committee for a hearing on September 13th where there will again be opportunity for comment — by you, or me, industry or any other interested party.  If approved they will be finalized and adopted on October 1, 2016.