A Great Time Had By All

BCA filled the Burning Coal Vein Campground at our Southern Badlands Outing on June 24 and 25, 2017. Badlands advocates spent the first half of Saturday touring existing oil development in the Tracy Mountain vicinity before investigating expanding activity in the Tyler Formation – including proposed wells along Dantz Creek and adjacent to Kendley Plateau Suitable for Wilderness.

A cool day on the edge of jacket-weather was also perfect for hiking.  Loey and Heffalump buttes within Kendley Plateau were among our destinations. Evening camp was restorative and many visited nearby Juniper Spur, also known as Lillian’s Pinnacle.

Sunday morning we headed for an “explore” in the Ponderosa Pine Research Natural Area. Pine covered ridges and open parkland melded well with full sun and warmer temps.The Ponderosa Pines are one of the “pine islands” associated with the Black Hills of South Dakota.

BCA members include professional and self-taught botanists, birders, geologists, local and regional historians, and all around naturalists, adding color and learning to our trips. A great time was had by all! Come join us!  

Multiple Use on the Little Missouri National Grassland.

Searching for well pad corner stakes.

Found it - right above an eroding drainage - not good!

Drought is painfully evident - here, along Dantz Creek.

Mat-forming Juniperus horizontalis seems to be fruiting well and the aroma was heaven.

Loey Butte.

Some of the gang exploring at Loey Butte.

Good eyes spot a horned lizard. Photo by Greg Morgenson.

Board member Laura loves watching life at an ant hill.

Board members Lynn and Tama enjoy the day!

A break in the climb, but not the conversation.

Ponderosa pine and open meadow.

Lunch above Sand Creek.

The pricklypear were voracious.

As were the photographers. Photo by Greg Morgenson.