Use Our New Film to Help Recruit New Members

Photo by Mike LaLonde

By now you’ve likely seen our new 15-minute film, Keeping All The Pieces. So have thousands of North Dakotans, thanks to the dedication of our executive director, Jan Swenson and to Mike McEnroe past president of the North Dakota Wildlife Federation, who’ve taken the film to every corner of the state for public presentations and presented the film to the media in a February press conference held at the Bismarck Public Library. Perhaps you saw the stories in the papers or heard about the film on Prairie Public Radio.

Now it’s available on our website, And now you can use it to help recruit new members to BCA. Because it’s members who help us achieve our number one goal: to minimize the impacts of energy development on our state’s natural resources.

So here’s how you can help.

First, if you haven’t watched the film yet, go do it now. And if you have, go watch it again. Nothing BCA has ever done will provide more motivation to get involved.

Second, help spread the word. Send the link to the movie by e-mail to your friends who aren’t BCA members. Post it on your Facebook page. Tweet it. And if you are a member of other organizations looking for a program, contact Jan and get a copy and show it to them.

And third, don’t stop there. Call your Facebook friends, and your Twitter followers, and ask them to join BCA. Tell them to send you a check, or tell them you’ll stop by and pick one up, for $25, or $50, or $75. Any of those amounts will make them a member.

We can do this! We can keep all the pieces of our precious Badlands intact. We can do this for our children, and our grandchildren. It’s what BCA is all about.