New Board Director Eve Suchy

Eve Suchy was born and raised on a small cattle ranch/farm south of Mandan, ND. She graduated from NDSU with a degree in veterinary technology, and worked as a vet tech in the Bismarck/Mandan area before switching over to nursing. Currently, Eve is a surgical nurse in Bismarck, and still helps out on the family ranch as much as possible.

Stewardship of prairie land and animals has always been a focus in her life. Her parents used sustainable, holistic ranching practices long before they became trendy buzzwords, and the family continues to manage their land and cattle in a manner that aligns with and enhances nature and the complex ecosystem of the Northern Plains.

Eve Suchy.jpg

Some of her fondest memories as a child were going out to the Badlands with family. Driving “The Loop” and hiking the trails were exciting, magical experiences. Would they see a herd of grazing bison, or even better in Eve’s estimation, spot an elusive wild horse? Would the prairie dogs be out chirping on their hind legs, even in the rain?

Since then, the Badlands have continued to be a place of adventure and restoration. Eve and her husband, Christopher Dopson, frequently head west for weekend hiking trips and recently they were married overlooking the beautiful, rugged bluffs and rolling hills.

Eve claims, “Especially in this chaotic world, it’s never been more important to protect wild lands and wildlife. Our own well-being depends on it.”

BCA is honored to welcome Eve to the board of directors.