BCA Member Profile: Beckie Walby

Beckie TRNP SU Backcountry.jpg

Born when her parents were living in Slope County and educated in North Dakota, Beckie Walby has a deep love of North Dakota, and enjoys visiting public lands throughout the United States, especially with her extended family and her circle of friends.  After briefly living in the Denver area, she and her husband Jason, a Bowman native, returned to Mandan to raise their family.

They are active in their community and schools, including their church and their boys’ schools.  They enjoy gardening, fishing, hunting, hiking, and traveling.  Beckie has also traveled to Guatemala to provide dentistry services to the poor.  As a citizen user of public lands, believing that individual citizens have a responsibility to speak up for wild public places, she is one of the many Badlands Conservation Alliance founding voices.