National Park Traveler on Meridian Refinery

A short update on the proposed Davis Refinery off the southeast boundary of the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Excellent National Park Traveler story that is well worth reading: Crude Oil Refinery Proposed Next To Theodore Roosevelt National Park Raises Concerns

The Billings County Planning and Zoning Committee will be considering Meridian's zoning change application - from agricultural to industrial - this Thursday, April 21, at 1 PM MT.  BCA staff will be in attendance and members living in the near vicinity are encouraged to attend and raise concerns about impacts to the Park.

Should this move forward to the Billings County Commission itself, which can heed the P&Z Committee recommendation or NOT, BCA may come back to you with a request for broader attendance.  As of now, that date may be as early as Tuesday, May 3rd.

We will keep you posted.