BCA Member Profile: Craig Kilber

Growing up in Dickinson, North Dakota allowed me the opportunity to explore just about every butte and ravine in the Badlands. From hunting, hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing - yes, it is possible to rock climb on Sentinel Butte - each part of the Badlands offered something different for me to enjoy. For five summers during college, I worked on the Maah Daah Hey trail crew for the US Forest Service. While on the trail crew, I was able to build new trail, maintain existing trail, construct campgrounds, and fight wild land forest fires. It also gave me an appreciation for the Badlands’ rugged environment and all that offers. Although I currently reside in Fargo where I am a Business Development Analyst for InterceptEFT, I spend as much time as I can in the Badlands.

With more and more development of the Badlands’ natural resources, there needs to be more attention to preservation and responsible development to ensure future generations can also enjoy the Badlands. I joined the Badlands Conservation Alliance because I wanted to be a part of a group that not only wants to protect the area, but also enjoys the Badlands for what they are. As a new Board member, I will bring new ideas to the group to help promote our goals, increase our membership, and better communicate with our current membership and the public.

Download the PDF of Wild Badlands #36.