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Terry Tempest Williams at TRNP

Saturday and Sunday, July 23 and 24, 2016

Everything you wanted to know and more.  Take it all in or pick and choose, but this should be a remarkable 24 hours of memory-making.

Duane Jundt:  Birdwatcher-in-Chief

Saturday, July 23, 8:30 pm MT at the South Unit’s Cottonwood Campground Amphitheater

BCA member, Theodore Roosevelt scholar, Lecturer in History at Northwestern College and member of the Advisory Board of the Theodore Roosevelt Association will wow us with his presentation on Theodore Roosevelt and America’s Birds.  This program has been rated a must see!  Thanks, Duane, for generously offering to share with all of us.

An optional overnight on Saturday.  Sunday’s camaraderie and hiking will be topped off by a Theodore Roosevelt Nature and History Association hosted evening with renowned author and activist Terry Tempest Williams at Cottonwood Campground in the South Unit of TRNP.

Eye of the Needle Hike

Sunday, July 24, 8 am MT

Meet at the picnic area parking lot at the Cottonwood Campground turn off.  A revisit by BCA to the Badland’s own natural arch is a moderate hike on the Lower Paddington Creek Trail.  Late July is promising to be a hot one, so come prepared:  more water than you think you will need, good footgear, skin and eye protection.  Be sure you take time for breakfast and bring adequate snacks.

Meadowlark Valley Hike

Sunday, July 24, 3 pm MT

Meet at the Cottonwood Picnic Area parking lot.  BCA’s board of directors made this short off-trail hike near the north exit of the Park during our 2016 Board Retreat.  It was a great explore the Board would like to share.  There is a gradual elevation change going up, a beautifully sculpted butte at the top and free sailing coming down.

Terry Tempest Williams: The Hour of Land

Sunday, July 24, 6:30 MT at the South Unit Visitor Center

A reading, conversation and book signing with one of contemporary America’s most renown and admired nature writers and activists.  Do arrange your schedule to make this.  Published this spring in conjunction with the National Park Service Centennial, The Hour of Land includes 12 carefully selected National Parks with Theodore Roosevelt being one.  You will recognize the landscape, the times and Tempest Williams’ lead character in former superintendent Valerie Naylor.  If you haven’t already picked up this book, you’ll want to.  Hosted by TRNHA.

Tempests’ new The Hour of Land (to be released May 31, 2016) is a literary celebration of our national parks in honor of this year’s National Park Service Centennial.  Focused on twelve carefully chosen national parks throughout the system, Tempest includes our very own Theodore Roosevelt, making the evening hour a stretch well worth making.

Things to Note:

*Make this weekend your own while joining BCA as your wants, needs and schedule allow.  *There is always good camaraderie and plenty to learn and share with each other.

*We are each responsible for our own meals and accommodations, whether camping or lodging.

*Participants are encouraged to bring footwear and clothing suitable for wading the shallow Little Missouri River.  If temperatures threaten good sense in the hiking arena, we can always enjoy ourselves strolling nature’s watery pathway.

*Don’t forget there is nothing like a basin of fresh-out-of-the-ground well water and a damp neckerchief to cool one’s feet or brow.  Come prepared.

Please, RSVP to or 701-255-4958 so we don’t hit the trail without you!  Thanks.