Annual Meeting 2017

The annual meeting was held at the Unitarian Church in Bismarck, ND and started at 5:00 PM on October 22, 2017 with a potluck supper.  Thirty-eight (38) BCA members and guests were present including the following Board  members:  Craig Kilber (President), Laura Anhalt, Rich Brauhn, Lillian Crook and Christine Hogan.  Also in attendance was Jan Swenson, Executive Director.

The Business meeting was convened by President Kilber at 6:00 PM.

A. Minutes from the October 23, 2016 Annual Meeting were approved.  Motion to approve by Christine Hogan, second by Karen Obey, unanimous vote.

B. Financial Report by Jan Swenson, Executive Director:

Jan again reminded membership that Tortuga Foundation grants are no longer available. Public lands advocacy grant funding is very limited in the Northern Plains region and ongoing efforts have thus far been hitting snags and dead ends. Several creative possibilities will be pursued, but without additional funding, BCA might become a strictly volunteer organization.

The Executive Director then reviewed the BCA financial report current to October 16, 2017 as printed in the booklet provided to the attendees:

a. Total Receipts:  $50,821.18

b. Total Expenditures: $23,700.48

c. Balance: $27,121.33

d. Motion to approve the financial report as presented made by Carl Sorenson, second by Tom Dahle; motion approved unanimously.

3. Jan then outlined the BCA accomplishments during 2017 as presented in the booklet for attendees. These accomplishments will be placed on the BCA website.

C. President's Comments:

President Craig Kilber commented that there was a need to increase the BCA membership. Numbers help with credibility when making public testimony.

Members should let Board Directors know if they have any ideas for funding or activities and to send letters to the editor regarding BCA issues.

Jan was asked to comment on the BCA's accomplishments during the past year.

a. The major accomplishment according to Jan was the fact that the BCA is being recognized as a major credible voice when dealing with Badlands issues. When BCA speaks, people listen; even those who disagree with us.

b. Various Board members were recognized for their efforts including Rich Brauhn who served as Board Secretary and editor of the Newsletter for the past four year. Jim Fuglie and Graham Swenson were also mentioned for their efforts.

D. Update on Issues by the Executive Director:

The Water Commission will be meeting in the near future to examine requests for pumping water from the Little Missouri for fracking and members should attend meetings of the Commission if possible.

The State DOT is moving ahead with the proposed four-laning of Highway 85 project, including through the Little Missouri River Valley and the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

The proposed Meridian refinery west of Belfield is still moving forward and may be a source of air and view-shed pollution.

E. The guest speaker at the meeting was Mr. Jay Clemens, noted Badlands conservationist, who was introduced by Jim Fuglie.

Jay made a presentation on the Elkhorn Ranch Historic District of the Badlands outlining ongoing impacts and the need for preservation.

The speaker indicated that the BCA has a lot to be proud of and carries more weight in the effort to preserve the Badlands than numbers would indicate.  The efforts of individuals and organizations like BCA are necessary to preserve the Badlands as part of the state's natural heritage.

F. Elections:

The election of new Board Members for 3-year terms was proposed by President Kilber as follows:  Laura Anhalt (2nd term), Lynn Morgenson (3rd term), and Eve Suchy (1st term).

a. The ballots cast by the BCA membership indicated a unanimous approval.

Motion to accept ballot election by Laura Anhalt, second by Rich Brauhn; motion approved unanimously.

G. Door Prizes:

  • Laura Anhalt - “A Sting in the Tale” book by Dave Goulson
  • Jim Fuglie - Audubon “Wildflowers” field guide
  • Craig Kilber - Audubon “Mammals” field guide
  • David Swenson - Ironwood bison figure
  • Jeremy Duckwitz - Harvest Basket of Goodies
  • Tom Dahle - Camping spade and supplies
  • Corinne Lee - Emergency blanket
  • Dave Schwalbe - Bison jack knife
  • Graham Swenson - Tama Smith pottery
  • Sarah Vogel - Ditty bags
  • Christine Hogan - “Astrophysics for People in a Hurry” book by Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Kelsey Peterson - Audubon “ Insects and Spiders” field guide
  • Rich Brauhn - Medora playing cards
  • Robert Todd - Collection of TRNP coins
  • Pat Ashley - Hot dog sticks
  • Breanna Kist- Tama Smith pottery
  • Bev Sorensen - “The Naturalist: Theodore Roosevelt” book by Darrin Lunde
  • Buel Sonderland - Tama Smith pottery
  • Lillian Crook- Sun parasol

The meeting was adjourned by President Kilber at 7:45 PM CDST.

Submitted by Rich Brauhn, BCA Secretary
November 5, 2017